Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing

Welcome to the MAFEIP platform

MAFEIP "Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing" was initially developed in response to the EIP specific monitoring needs. At present, it must be considered and used as a support to evidence-based decision-making process for all institutions and users in the health and care sector.

But things have evolved and the new context underlined by the EU Blueprint "Digital Transformation of Health & Care for the Ageing Society" invites EIP members and other stakeholders to frame a common language on this basis, but also to reach out a large number of users, from various institutional backgrounds, far beyond EIP context. Technically MAFEIP is based on statistical and IT concepts that are already in use worldwide and does not require extra knowledge for routine utilization.

Based on these user-friendly principles, this website will give information on the technicalities of MAFEIP tool and also clear guidance on how to contribute to the MAFEIP user community's own reflection. Specific EU support is provided to promote adoption of MAFEIP within EIP Community but also far beyond. MAFEIP is indeed an evolving tool and we rely on your feedback to improve it to make sure it will meet the users' expectations and support their own policy making.

MAFEIP purpose

The purpose of the MAFEIP tool is to estimate the health and economic outcomes of a large variety of social and technological innovations in the health and care sector relative to current care. Examples of innovative interventions include new care pathways, devices, surgical techniques, organisational models, among others.

MAFEIP indeed provides an early assessment of the likelihood that interventions will achieve the anticipated impact, and also helps to identify what drives interventions’ effectiveness or efficiency in order to guide further design, development or evaluation. At a later stage of the innovation development, MAFEIP can assess with better precision the value of the innovation for citizens and other stakeholders. MAFEIP therefore represents a clear support to the decision-making process.

The Commission does not intend to assess the incremental cost-effectiveness of an intervention carried out by an EIP on AHA commitment, nor to compare several interventions on their cost- effectiveness. Rather, the general aim of the MAFEIP study is to estimate the aggregated impact of the EIP on AHA on its overall health and health system objectives.

The Tool

In this section you can find the conceptual approach of the MAFEIP framework and the potential added value provided by the tool as a support to the decision-making process.
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News & Events

Several training workshops on MAFEIP tool are planned on the 10 and 11 May 2017 at the 3rd WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices and the eHealth Week 2017, respectively.
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