Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing

About the study

The first version of the web-based monitoring and assessment tool called MAFEIP (Monitoring and Assessment Framework of the EIP) was designed to frame and support the assessment of EIP-AHA related initiatives..

MAFEIP tool, presented on 21 September 2015 in Brussels, registered broad support from a wide and multi-stakeholder audience to become a framework of reference for measuring impact of their policies in their respective fields of interventions. The MAFEIP study was commissioned to further promote the tool and provide training and support to the interested stakeholders.

Throughout the execution of this study, Open Evidence and empirica will work for improving the existing MAFEIP tool while placing a special emphasis to its current and potential users. The study team will therefore establish, grow and continuously support a MAFEIP user community that could use the tool and provide valuable contributions for the analysis. Users’ contributions will be gathered and ranked in order to establish the improvements to be implemented. Likewise, we envisage to collect a minimum of 30 uses cases each referring to a specific intervention within the scope of the EIP on AHA. Results from these cases will be modelled using MAFEIP Modelling analytics and grounded within the MAFEIP framework to produce robust periodical analysis of the impact of the interventions on quality of life, economic growth and sustainability of health and care systems. Furthermore, in order to enhance users’ utilisation of MAFEIP, adequate training and knowledge-sharing support to users will be provided through a users’ guide manual, workshops, videos, webinars, and other elements.